He 219 Power Setup Test

He 219 Power Setup Test

My first test of the electric setup for my UHU. Went very well!
I don't understand how some ppl listen to Waka and only Waka. No offense to those ppl, but he gets a'f sometimes!

@Kawasakii30 idk man he had the jamboree earlier but idk other than that

@bigf00t219 @Ciroc_man07 he snoring like shit ol squidward lookin nigga

RT @T0MMOFFICIAL: still dying at the fact that harry posted a picture of his crotch but then deleted it. is he trying to get us all sexually fristrated or

@castle_caitlin even he's crying ugh

@Ace__boogie12 he say u hoe Hml 219-951-7454

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