Read Real Japanese!

Read Real Japanese!

I decided to put together an informational video about different methods that I have used to study Japanese. Obviously, everyone learns in different ways but I really wanted to showcase a few things that have done wonders for me. In particular, I wanted to showcase a book from Kodansha titled 'Read Real Japanese Fiction,' which is an excellent book that came out last year. It includes short stories (both in Japanese and English versions) from: Hiromi Kawakami (川上 弘美) Otsuichi (乙一) Shinji Ishii ( 石井) Banana Yoshimoto (よしもと ばなな) Kaoru Kitamura (北村薫) Yoko Tawada (多和田葉子) Here's the official site from Kodansha for that book: I also go over some other reading materials, such as different textbooks (the genki books), manga, japanese books, and video games. There's also a bit about electronic dictionaries and my favorite Kanji dictionary. Hopefully something in this video inspires you to find your own to better study the Japanese language. 頑張りましょうね。 more info on the New Nelson Dictionary: Online Japanese-English dictionary that I like: my blog, now with new updates and links on the side for teaching in Japan:

@mono_lib じゃあとりあえず名前だけあげとくから、パラパラっと読んで面白そうなのどうぞ→金井美恵子、川上未映子、よしもとばなな、江國香織、多和田葉子、山崎ナオコーラ、金原ひとみ 金井美恵子と多和田葉子はかなりヘヴィーかもしれない それ以外は概ね軽め


RT @honnoshima: 睡眠は人生の三分の一、それは最も美しい三分の一である、とあなたは思う。(多和田葉子『容疑者の夜行列車』)



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