True Blood The Parody - Fairy Land

True Blood The Parody - Fairy Land

A Group Production parodies the popular HBO original hit series "True Blood", posing the question - do fairies really exist? Written, Directed and Produced by Jeff Payton and Matthew Shaffer. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: www.youtube.com TWITTER: A Group Production twitter.com Matthew Shaffer twitter.com Jeff Payton twitter.com FACEBOOK: A Group Production www.facebook.com Matthew Shaffer www.facebook.com Jeff Payton www.facebook.com Kourtney and Kim Kardashian The Parody: youtu.be The Real Housewives of New York City Parody Season 4: youtu.be The Real Housewives of New Jersey Parody: youtu.be Toddlers & Tiaras The Parody: youtu.be The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Parody: youtu.be Gossip Girl The Parody: youtu.be The Real Housewives of New York City Parody: www.youtube.com TRUE BLOOD THE PARODY - FAIRY LAND CAST: Sookie - Amy Claire Jason - James Snyder Jessica - Beckie King Bill - Matthew Shaffer Eric - Jeff Payton Pam - Maggie Miguel "Show Bad Things To You" Music, Lyrics and Performance by: Jeff Payton and Matthew Shaffer (c) 2011 All Rights Reserved Special Thanks: AGP Cast & Crew Bevin Allen George Skinner Ellen Buckley True Blood www.wetpaint.com ...and everyone watching our parodies! Please help spread the word and pass them along to someone you think may enjoy!! Peace, Jeff & Matthew www.AGroupProduction.com Eric Northman Alexander Skarsgard True Blood Parody date new footage HBO fairy season premiere Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer Ryan Kwanten gay funny comedy ...
Ibu' said :' "walaupun kamu g' cerita, ibu' yakin kamu anak ibu' yg bisa atasin permasalahan kamu" , aaahhh ibuuuuu' :* :*

Que ganas de ver mañana a @Lidia_Fairyland

@fairyland_nuts イボは気持ちで治すのよってお医者様に言われたのでニキビももしかしたらと…w無理ですよね\(^q^)/化粧品確かに!!最初これ良いって思ってもだんだんアレ?ってなること多いです。元々肌が弱いんですかね;

@fairyland_nuts えーーー効果期待しない方が良いですか(´;ω;`)w気持ちでなんとか治せませんかねww

Jiahh kok alasan.coba aja di cek deh..hahaha RT @Orien_fairyland: @ikrar_ethanasia alesan aja loeee !!! :p

Hazy Fairyland: Bank holiday Saturday shopping

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